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Rattlesnake Black

Rattlesnake Black


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Rattlesnake is the fastest snake in the world, they usually live in the desert area, similar to the desert color has become their protective color, in the pursuit of prey can reach a maximum speed of 29 kilometers per hour, coupled with its venom has a strong lethal, so it is worthy of the "desert killer". Because of its distinctive attributes, the rattlesnake is often referred to in terms of "defense and attack".

The designers have integrated the rattlesnake's form with the shoe design, the spliced material at the heel resembles the head of a snake that is launching an attack, the layered mechashell on the top of the heel is the same as the rattlesnake's layered tail ring, and the overall appearance is like a vivid rattlesnake coiled up in the dunes, and at the same time focusing on the sense of speed and the sense of line portrayal, which is reminiscent of a rattlesnake's flexible way of movement, reflecting the sports attributes of the running shoes themselves. Sports attributes.

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