Collection: Mecha Couture

Based on the classic Derby shoe model, equipped with architectural industrial sole and sports material upper, OGR hardcore innovation elements injected, so that the classic design of the new look of pioneers.

Geometric lines of hardcore thick sole spliced sneaker material, subverting the impression of traditional derby shoes, to create this unique neutral temperament and not limited by the season, not confined by the style of hardcore equipment, free switch between sports and formal wear, with more flexibility; to be a hardcore collegiate not be defined.

Full of architectural sense of the square head design and the body of the composition of the geometric structure with a sense of power, the entire shoe using silk cowhide and nylon mesh material to build the upper, a strong contrast of materials to form a unique texture, super rubber foam eva outsole to ensure that the degree of lightness is enough to match the right heel height of 5cm, easy to wear out of the modern atmosphere.