Collection: Gamer

This series is inspired by the OGR mecha wing number "22" mirror image opposites composed of TPU material one-piece molding production of mecha wings show unfolded form, from the end of the shoe extends to the body, the tail of the central mecha veins constantly convey the hardcore energy of innovation and exploration; the classic boardshorts style injected with the DNA of the mecha, bring a new look of street equipment, a unique mecha energy is your treasure equipment to dominate the streets.

The classic boardshorts are infused with mecha DNA, bringing a new style of hardcore streetwear, and the unique mecha wings are a treasure for you to dominate the streets.
Inspired by classic boardshorts and injected with OGR hardcore mecha DNA, the whole shoe is presented with retro-futuristic lines, and the simple shape and exquisite details let you exude introverted and casual style; the four-piece feathered upper simulates armor wrapped around the shoe body, and the tail of the shoe uses one-piece molding tpu to forge mecha wings and carries pvc conduits to connect to the mecha veins, delivering hardcore energy, with unique details; in addition to the classic earth color, the classic earth color is also available, and the mecha wing energy is your treasure equipment to dominate the streets.

In addition to the classic earth color system, this special note of electric silver provides wearers with more technological futuristic styling options.