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GAMER MAX Awakening White

GAMER MAX Awakening White


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1. Deconstructing the pixel world and reshaping the retro trend;

2. The retro plate shoes are infused with OGR mecha elements, and the game button design on the shoe body and the colorful three-dimensional logo plate embedded on the armor tongue are all infused with strong video game elements;

3. OGR Silver Armor technology to create a 3D armor shell wrapped shoes, presenting a natural liquid texture, to build a more three-dimensional visual dimension;

4. Technology to create texture, with PVC light guide tube into the mecha veins, a steady flow of energy containing innovation and exploration, details pull full.

5. The heel of the shoe hidden small ideas, cat tongue silky raised design, increase friction anti-falling heel, enhance comfort and activate the excellent sense of foot;

6. Breaking through the uniform, double hardcore decoding high street charm, the whole shoe adopts double layer structure design, double shoe tongue + double shoe tail + double shoe rope, tide energy buff stacked full;
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